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Movember video

If you’ve noticed a certain fall trend in the male population that’s been growing in Canada since 2007, you’re not alone. November may be the worst month to be a single woman, but it’s also one of the best months to embrace men’s health. Movember isn’t a ploy to see how many awkward looks a man can get, it’s a serious fundraiser. And it makes good use of video.

Movember Origin Story

Movember started as the brainchild of Australian brothers. This pair was inspired by what women were doing to bring awareness to breast cancer. They wanted to do the same for men’s health issues. Along with a group of friends, thirty men grew moustaches the first year and the foundation began in 2003. Here’s a video explaining the origin of the movement.


Movember has grown to become a leading charity. The group has funded more than 1200 related health projects. By 2030, their work is projected to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by twenty-five percent! This explainer video talks about the charity’s goals.


Testimonials are a powerful tool in the video arsenal. They’re a way to relate to the audience by reflecting the audience. When someone who has worked with your company or used your product can speak about that experience, it enables the viewer to imagine themselves doing the same. Testimonials tap into an emotional connection.

Location-Specific Video

Movember is a globally recognized charity. After starting in Australia, the movement expanded to New Zealand three years later. In 2007, Canada jumped onboard, along with Spain, UK and the USA. Over 49,000 groups and single participants in Canada have registered to raise funds in 2018. These stats are a compelling reason to join the cause:

  • On average, 58 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer daily
  • Testicular cancer is highly curable, if found early
  • The suicide rate for men in Canada is three times that of women

Promos for Awareness

Movember has grown to become an award-winning NGO that takes its fundraising seriously. They’ve used video campaigns yearly to spread the word and generate interest. This promo is a good example of how video is used to promote awareness.

The Mental Health Angle

Most people know that Movember raises money to fight prostate and testicular cancers. The lesser known third prong of Movember’s men’s health initiative is mental health and suicide prevention. This video addresses that goal.

Fundraising Videos

A simple search for Movember videos on YouTube results in an avalanche of content, including the foundation’s channel. There’s even an app featuring a game with proceeds supporting the cause. Key West Video has created every kind of video in this blog. We’ve worked with charities and we know how to speak to an audience. Call us today for a free quote.

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