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Key West Video Announced as a 2022 National and Local Excellence Award Winner by UpCity!

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NABS (The National Advertising Benevolent Society) is celebrating their 30th birthday this year!

For the last 30 years, NABS quietly went about the confidential business of providing professional counselling and financial support to members of the communications, advertising and marketing community in Canada, struggling with varying degree of crises in their lives.

It was becoming increasingly apparent that NABS needed to update its image and bring a face to some of the compelling cases they were supporting.

Enter Keywest Video, and their amazing team of producers, who helped us capture, in a series of short testimonial videos, the essence of what NABS is. The videos depict what NABS’ support has meant to people in the industry, those needing a step up in life, after that same life dealt them an unexpected blow.

As a charitable organization that is dependent on the generosity of its donors, these series of videos have refreshed our message and compelled people in the industry to help us by donating media to our Media Sale, purchasing from our media sale, volunteering on our many event committees, as well as donating corporately and as individual donors.

Keywest Video has been key to our fundraising and awareness success for leading-edge creative concepts, ideas and execution to help us tell our story, and demonstrating their understanding and commitment to what we do. Keywest Video has made it possible for NABS to continue to support people and families for the next 30 years in new ways.

We are truly grateful and so appreciative of their support and for helping NABS to continue to help people navigate “life”, especially knowing that NABS is there to help them if they lose their way.

The Keywest team wishes NABS a very happy 30th birthday!

NABS Turns 30! -- Keywest Video -- Corporate Video Production Toronto
NABS Turns 30! — Keywest Video — Corporate Video Production Toronto

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