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Netflix was asked to a teenager’s junior prom via Twitter… and they said yes! The media company agreed to go as Muthana Sweis’ junior prom date after Sweis’ request received 1000 retweets.

In January, Sweis tweeted to Netflix inviting them to accompany him to his junior prom in the event that his tweet received 1000 retweets.

Muthana Sweis Invites Netflix to Prom

And once he hit 1000, Netflix accepted his request to third wheel, leaving us all wondering how exactly a media company goes on a date. Of course Netflix pulled out all the stops and arranged some cool elements from iconic movies and television shows to make Muthana’s experience a very memorable one.

Netflix Accepts Sweis' Invitation to Prom

Sweis picked James Bond’s “Skyfall” tux (kid’s got class) and the 1950’s Buick from “Grease,” with a Danny Zuko look-alike behind the wheel. The teen was given the the choice to ride in one of Don Draper’s gorgeous cars or Walt and Jesse’s meth mobile from “Breaking Bad,” but maybe the latter was a little too edgy.

Netflix Offered Some Cool Vehicles

Netflix sent a camera crew to Sweis’ hometown and followed him all the way to prom where nearly every student hopped into an Instagram photo with him — further proof that Netflix isn’t just a great date for when you’re home alone binge-watching in bed.

Beyond being a fun way for the brand to build buzz by leveraging its connection with fans, the episode reflects how deeply media have become woven into the fabric of our lives. Film content informed key aspects of the evening, there’s a nod to Samsung’s Oscar selfie, and the whole thing played out on social channels. It’s especially telling that Sweis approached Netflix in the first place, tapping into our shared media experience to write his script for the prom. Adweek

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