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Online Video Stats:

Here are some new online videos stats from Reel Seo, the best source for online video news.

Here are some highlights from the video and what it means for corporate video:

15% of TV Guide respondents watch 6 or more hours of online video a week that’s up from 4% at the start of 2011!

What this means — online video continues to explode and it is becoming impossible for companies to ignore it. says that funny videos drive video engagement 3 times more than regular videos, and that celebrity video actually drive less engagement.
What this means — Spend money on comedians not celebrities.

Videos that are longer than 1 minute account for 49% of all social views on the internet.
What this means — Tim from Reel Seo feels this means not to go too short with your videos, well I think he missed the analysis on this one. I read it as 51% of all social views videos are under 1 minute. Keep you videos short.

Ages 12-17 have increased online video viewing by 48% in 2011.
What this means — the future will be used to watching videos online.

Android users watch more video than ipod/ipad users.
What this means — build mobile video for android and iphone at the same time.

12% of online video viewers watch videos on gaming consoles.
What this means — People are getting use to watching online video on their TV sets. This means compression quality will matter even more. It also mean the launch of web enabled TVs from Google, Apple and others.

Vidcaster is enabling you to build a website from your YouTube channel for free
What this means — I have yet to try this out, but I will and get back to you with a review.

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -New online video stats
Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -New online video stats

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