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At Key West Video, we love productivity and productivity apps, so when we were introduced to Notion, one of our employees had to try it out. Notion defines itself as an “all-in-one workspace.” The application acts as a database for your personal life, professional life, or both! Organization for everything you have going on.

Notion can replace apps like Trello, Google Docs, Confluence, and Asana! Let’s dive a little deeper into what this application has to offer.


Notion has a great way to take notes and organize company information in the form of a wiki. If you’re looking to put together company guidelines and are looking to cut down on paper, Notion is a great place to document this information for easy company reference.

Projects and Tasks

You can organize your project and tasks in a Kanban board or spreadsheet! If you like the look of Trello or like to manage your creative or corporate workflows, a Kanban board might be an excellent option for you. Various filters and labels allow you to manage and organize your information.

Note Taking

Notion is an incredibly powerful note-taking app. It replaces Google Docs and Evernote. Notion is a great place for collaborative editing and allows you to assign things to various team members.

The Pros

This app has a lot to offer, and the main selling point is that you can do almost anything and everything with it. It’s highly customizable and allows you to cater the software to fit your needs.

The Cons

On mobile and tablet, the app doesn’t work to its full function. The web and desktop apps are where you can do most of your work. Additionally, it does take some time to set up.

How to Get Started with Notion

Getting started with this app can be overwhelming. What we recommend is charting everything out on paper before you dive right into the desktop. Life is also made easier if you take advantage of the templates that the app has to offer as well!

Overall, Notion is an app with a lot to offer. Have you tried it out? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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