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What We Can Learn From Observing From Social Media

Social media has shaped every aspect of our culture.

Social media has changed the way we interact and communicate, the way we market our brands, and the way we see ourselves.

It has changed our social culture and shaped our line of thinking.

Its influence is undeniable. It permeates every aspect of our lives. It’s changed the way we live everywhere from the stock market to how we communicate so much that it’s created entire new job sectors.

We’re well aware of how powerful social media has become in our daily lives. But what tangible lessons can we learn from it? Here we list some important lessons:

What We Can Learn From Observing From Social Media
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Everything comes down to timing. You might have the best campaign, most beautiful artwork crafted, or the most powerful message. But if there’s one thing social media has taught us, it’s the power of timing.  Posts on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. are only as effective as their timeliness. This means releasing information when it is most relevant and paying attention to social trends in the media. In the past, we’ve highlighted how Budweiser capitalized on a post-Trump election with a moving video advertisement about immigration. We’ve also discussed the poor timing of a Pepsi ad that faced an immediate backlash in light of social injustice. Strong attention to timing can help make or break an entire campaign.


One other thing we can learn is how interconnected social media is. Each platform understands the importance of its competition – a lesson many corporate companies can learn from. By making its content easily accessible and shareable on another platform, you eliminate the risk of viewers leaving your platform. This simple principle can easily be applied to how you create your corporate video by creating content (and even product) that fully acknowledges your competition. As they say, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer.

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