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Online Ad “Lazy Phone” – Touchless Control

The new online ad campaign by Motorola “Lazy Phone” – Touchless Control has received a staggering 15 million views over YouTube. Which is almost 15 times more views than what the latest HTC ad received.

Actor and stand up comedian T. J. Miller stars in several of the online ads for Motorola’s new Moto X phone campaign. The latest “Lazy Phone” ad –Touchless Control has gone viral. Check this video out to find out why.

It’s funny. Very amusing. But was it all just humor that garnered that many online views, or was it the fact that it starred someone famous, like T. J. Miller?

There was another ad released recently starring Robert Downey Jr., for the mobile company HTC.

After watching this ad,  I realized that it didn’t mention a mobile phone at all, let alone list any new and innovative features. During the whole video (which had many special effects to keep us entertained), they really only word played HTC, which at one time stood for “High Tech Computer Corporation”.  Thus, having someone famous star in your ad isn’t the only element required to garner millions of views and turn a video viral.

What made the Moto ad excel was the creativity in the script. They had written out a humorous main character, an anthropomorphized lazy smartphone played by T. J. Miller, and used this innovative character to illustrate the Moto X’s new features in comparison with many of the popular devices available. This video wasn’t just humorous, but informative as well.

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Their message was clear, any smart phone out there compared to the Moto X is basically a lazy phone.

After watching this Moto ad, I can’t help but see many available smartphones as lazy phones.

After watching these two ads, which phone do you want?

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