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Does Corporate Video really work?

Corporate video offers you a unique opportunity to engage your customers, and increase traffic to your site. It is driven by the three elements of story-telling i.e. audio, images, and text, unlike the other online marketing techniques that use either of these elements separately.

Why is Online Video Popular?

Various factors have led to the rise of online video. First, creating and posting videos online is relatively inexpensive. In addition, videos are much easier to comprehend, as opposed to using text or images only. Other than that, a video is capable of displaying a vast amount of information within a second, compared to reading lines of text. You can get your viewers to respond to your message instantly, even before they can fully appraise the entire content or comprehend the intended meaning.

How to Optimize Online Video

Here are a few tips to enable you create videos that will effectively reach out to your target audience.

1. Create Powerful Video Titles:
Your video titles are an important component in attracting traffic. Just like a blog’s headline, use titles that will grab the attention of viewers. In addition, using the appropriate keyword phrases within your titles will enable your videos to rank favorably on search engines.

2. Provide Valuable Content:
Ever wondered why “How-to” videos are the most successful when it comes to online video marketing? Well, your viewers are likely to view content that they find valuable, whether it is educational, informational or entertaining. Therefore, when creating your videos, think about your typical audience and what they would find valuable. In addition, take the opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise in your field.

3. Make Your Videos Short:
Videos require passive participation, as opposed to reading text in which a reader is required to participate actively in order to comprehend. For this reason, viewers are likely to lose interest if your videos are too long. Typically, online videos should be approximately four minutes in length. Therefore, ensure that you record short videos that are straight to the point. If you are unable to pass your message within the four minutes, consider breaking up the video into several parts and direct viewers to the next part in the series at the end of each video.

4. Brand Your Videos Appropriately:
Take the opportunity to let viewers learn about you or your business by placing your logo or other key information such as website URL at a prominent position on the screen such as the upper-left corner. Alternatively, you can display it at set intervals or at the very end of the video. This will enable you to increase traffic to your site, as well as introduce and grow your brand.

5. Call to Action:
Online corporate videos are great at creating a knee-jerk reaction among viewers. As such, your audience is likely to respond to your message after watching your video. Therefore, you should always include a Call-to-action that will encourage your audience, for example contact income support.

6. Post Your Corporate Videos on Multiple Sites:
The greatest mistake that many people make is to rely only on YouTube when posting their corporate videos. The reasoning with most is that, since YouTube is owned by Google, then it is the best way to gain on search engine ranking. However, there are many other corporate video marketing sites that you should upload your videos to including Vimeo, Daily Motion, MetaCafe and many others. You should also embed videos on your own website, as this encourages viewers to spend more time on the site.

Guest Blogger: Leo Josh

Keywest Video Inc -Corporate Video Blog -Does Corporate Video sell your business?
Keywest Video Inc -Corporate Video Blog -Does Corporate Video sell your business?

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