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 Popular Online Video Trends in 2014

Over the past year Key West Video has written numerous blog posts and created video blogs on the subject of online video trends and their impoonline video trends rtance, and of course, produced many online videos for our clients. As countless marketing, technology, and video professionals have noted, “online video is considered to be the fastest growing consumer service offering” (iHub Media). This is a fact that many individuals have been aware of for quite some time, but in 2014 will be undeniable. Online video is something that is not only here to stay, but rapidly growing and expanding to include new elements, including new styles, technology, and social components.


With the closing of 2013 fast approaching, we thought it would be nice to look at how online video is shaping up in the coming year ahead, and expand on what we see as some of the important changes in this market.

Micro Videos

With the introduction of Vine’s 6-second video model, and Instagram’s recent video player addition, short video clips that can be quickly filmed, shared, and devoured are on the rise. Companies are even getting in on the action finding innovative ways to push their brand through these social video platforms. Methods such as ‘how to’ videos, product features, behind the scenes access, and user-generated contests, have been featured, as an article on TechVibes points out.


Slow motion has been utilized for years in Hollywood actions movies. But now with the addition of a slow-mo feature on the newest iPhone, we should be seeing a lot more use of this style in the coming year. Slow motion can be a great feature that adds an interesting element to a video, whether it be a shot of a car crashing into a tree, to a beautiful bird flying through the air, the impact it creates is substantial and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Aerial footage

Aerial footage adds a whole other element to a video. It not only creates an air of professionalism, but it provides a viewpoint which we don’t often see in our everyday life. Big budget productions have for years been afforded the privilege to get these wonderful angles, and only in the past few years has it become more accessible. Remote controlled helicopters are allowing smaller productions from corporate to indie films, to be able to get aerial footage in a cost-effective manner.

4K video

As with the slow-mo on iPhones, and miniature drones, 4k video technology is something that is being put in the hands of casual filmmakers all around the world. With the introduction of 4K being able to be shot on GoPro’s, this superior quality and video resolution will be something that we will see more of in the coming year.

Mobile Video

Reel SEO states that “between 2012 and 2013, the average time spent watching videos on smartphones doubled, and on tablets, it tripled”. While some of us have been watching videos on our phones for years, in other areas, including older demographics and less tech-heavy parts of the world, smartphones are still being integrated. Therefore it is a growing market which is only going to become more important and integral to an overall branding strategy in 2014.

Interactive video

Interactivity within a video is something that has been slowly gaining in popularity over the past decade. In Key West Vide’s blog, Interactive Video: Corporate Video Rebirth we discussed how interactivity has been utilized in broadcast television, such as American Idol getting the audience to phone in and vote, to today YouTube users can embed links directly in their video content. There are so many more possibilities that have yet to be explored, such as more social elements: “like buttons which will allow viewers to pick the content they want” (iHub Media). Targeted content is what every marketer strives for, so being able to allow audiences more autonomy is a key aspect in the future of online video.

There are many other trends out there, but these are a few that we think will be important in the coming year. And while some trends are just that, trends, which will eventually fade away or at least be utilized less often, others are only in the beginning stages and have the potential to become a standard, and be integral for online video in 2014 and beyond.

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