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How To Organize Both Your Corporate and Creative Mind

One of the most challenging things to do for any creative is to organize their mind.

Sometimes it’s tough to organize everything going on in there. There are a lot of things happening in a creative’s busy beehive mind.

Outside of the daily stresses of everyday life, it can be tough balancing a “normal” life with a creative one. While society expects you to keep up the pace with the world and everything happening in it, the art wants you to slow down and make sense of it all.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

Creative minds can sometimes feel like they’re constantly working in overdrive. According to an article on the Huffington Post, many creator’s habits involve daydreaming, people-watching, dot-connecting, losing track of time, and constantly asking questions. The childlike wonder never ends. And neither does their thought-process.

They are constantly filling and occupying their minds with something. Much like an entrepreneur (or any employee in the corporate workforce), their minds are never idle. That’s why it’s so hard to organize things.

Creative (and even corporate) minds can be tough to follow. They often see the final result or big picture before the pieces have even started to be put together. They’re visionary minds.

One of the best ways both corporate and creative minds can keep organized is by keeping a handy planner on deck. For visual artists and writers, a notebook is essential for jotting down notes on the fly. Likewise, entrepreneurs frequently come across new ideas that can help benefit their business, company, or organization.

How To Organize Both Your Corporate and Creative Mind
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Another way to keep organized is to enlist an accountability partner. Creative and corporate ideas without execution are just that – ideas. What good is an idea if you’re not able to see it to completion? A planner helps you keep track of your ideas, and an accountability partner encourages you to achieve them.

Here at Key West Video, we work with our creative and corporate clients to help them organize their ideas into tangible video product. For more information about how we can best serve you, visit our website today!

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