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Other Great Video Blogs

We’re going meta with a video production blog about video production blogs. That’s right, we’re looking at others who are talking about the industry in blog form. There’s plenty of love to go around, so we’re giving kudos to the sites and people helping us stay informed about the latest equipment, techniques and industry news. Note that a few aren’t blogs, but sometimes you gotta break the rules for good content.


Other Great Video Blogs
WordPress is a popular CMS for blogs

These blogs aren’t specific to any part of video production but are instead good all-around resources. They show up on many best-of lists and provide a well-rounded look at the industry. Search each site’s archives to find just about anything.


Video production is a process that needs input from all sorts of people. There are the writers 👋, the producers and the administrators. We like to organize things and use pretty words and consider ourselves creative. Then there are the techs. The blogs below may not be for everyone, but the technically-inclined shooters, audiophiles and editors will want to have a look.


Editing is the heart and soul of any video production. Without it, all you have is a bunch of scattered elements. The resources below discuss everything to do with editing, from the latest equipment to the best hacks.


Wanna hear a crazy stat? Eighty-seven percent of online marketers use video content. And 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. So that means if you aren’t using video to market, you’re missing the boat! These blogs will help you whip your video marketing game into shape.


Other Great Video Blogs
Tell a story to connect with viewers

Without a story, video is nothing. The best projects start with storytelling and connect with an audience emotionally. Even in corporate video, you need a script.


Other Great Video Blogs
Women’s voices are vital to the industry

Researching this blog uncovered a lot of male voices in the industry. Granted, some of the blogs linked to these sites are certainly written by women. But the majority of the influencers in video and film are undeniably men. So we’re making an effort to point you toward some important female voices.

  • postPerspective is Randi Altman’s blog
  • Ezra Productions, a woman-owned company based in L.A. is female-forward
  • #femalefilmmakerfriday is a hashtag born out of a need to honour women in the industry. Read about its beginnings here and search the hashtag for inspiring content.


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