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When deciding if outsourcing your video production is right for you, think about these 5 questions.

outsourcing Outsourcing video production to professionals is always the preferred method. But if you’re looking to record a simple training session, talking head video, or weekly video blog, then you could realistically shoot your own videos and save money in the process.

As project visions get grander in scale, and budgets get tighter though — at some point, the time you invest in-house can begin to outweigh the money you saved by using the DIY approach. Saving money is great, but you wear a lot of hats already, and at some point you have to get back to actually doing your job, and not sweating the small stuff.

1. Will the video be longer than 60 seconds?

All videos under 60 seconds in length retain at least 60% of viewers by video’s end, according to Wistia. Shorter, tighter, and more direct videos are getting greater attention online. No longer is the day when videos need to tell the entire story. They simply need to capture the interest of the video, and pull them in to want to find out more. In addition to that production costs have decreased substantially in the past decade making it more affordable to hire professionals for a reasonable cost.

2. Is there a lot of editing involved?

When it comes to editing some people believe all you need is a software and youtube ‘how to’ videos. And while this may be useful for the production of straightforward edits, a polished and professional video requires so much more. The expertise and experience of a professional editor will bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, and numerous techniques which will bump of the production value of your video.

3. Is this a weekly project?

If for example you are shooting a weekly, simple video which will be distributed internally, then maybe doing it yourself is an option. That is if you have the time. But when it comes to a one off project, or something that needs to be put forward in he right way, then outsourcing the video is a must. Outsourcing the project means you don’t have to worry. You can leave it to the experts and know it will get done.

4. Are my video goals being reached?

You may have the skills to shoot, edit, and upload your video to the appropriate channels, but are your overall goals being reached? Are you converting viewers into purchasers? Is the video allowing consumers to get a sense of your company? Is the training video showing the best possible way to do something? If the answer is even a slight no, then you really need to consider outsourcing your production needs.

5. Do I need fresh ideas?

Lastly, when it comes to video production ideas can become stale fast. You can go from having great ideas to none in no time. Alternatively what you think may be a great idea may turn out to bite you in the end if it doesn’t help you meet your goals. Taking the time to search out different production companies and find the right one for your needs is a good idea. Outsourcing can be a great benefit, and once you find the right partners you will never know how you did it without them!

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