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Pepsi Max has a great new innovative marketing campaign that utilizes interactive bus shelters to not only entertain and shock patrons but also promote their brand.

Marketing agency AMV BBDO created an interactive campaign for Pepsi that turns regular bus shelters into the thrill of a lifetime. Those waiting for a ride on London’s busy New Oxford Street believe they are surrounded by simple glass panes — until all around them unbelievable events unfold: flying saucers approach the earth, meteors hit, a giant octopus emerges from underground and a man comes drifting by suspended from a bouquet of balloons. The shelters are outfitted with hidden interactive digital technology that displays a live feed (on what looks like a glass pane) with footage that is overlaid with graphics that lead commuters to believe that they are part of outrageous scenarios. The feed tricks unsuspecting passengers into thinking they are steps away from hovering alien ships, a loose tiger, and a giant robot with laser beam eyes.

Interactive Marketing: Pepsi Max
Interactive Marketing: Pepsi Max

Almost all participants are genuinely shocked by the events, many left speechless, and others, of course, snapping away vigorously using their smartphone cameras. But once they go beyond the bus stop, they are left amused and entertained by the concept. Best of all, when they breach the other side of the interactive bus stop, they are face to face with a giant Pepsi Max: Unbelievable poster.

Take a look below:

Rachel Holmes, senior marketing manager at PepsiCo UK said, “It truly lives up to Pepsi Max’s Unbelievable proposition from the innovative media planning through to the fantastic creative.”

By the way: What does this #InteractiveMarketing campaign have to do with the #PepsiMax brand? The premise that with no sugar and no calories, Pepsi Max is “unbelievable.”

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