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How to Make A Persuasive Corporate Video

Making a persuasive corporate video can be tough.

We often forget how much is actually involved with creating a persuasive video. It is one of the few things that has an art and a science to it. When it comes to creating a corporate video, one must use visuals in order to really send a point across. However, it’s not always as easy as telling your audience what to do. You’ve got to convince them that buying your product or service is something they’ve wanted – or even needed – to do all along.

When you think about it, the language of persuasion is really the art of rhetoric.

What does that mean, you ask?

Ultimately, persuasion is the subtle recognition of how you will appeal to in your audience. It’s how you convince an audience to see things from a certain perspective. In the corporate world, this means convincing your audience to make a decision

Let’s take a look at the following factors to consider when creating persuasive video:


Ethos is an appeal to credibility. It reinforces your believability and trust. In the corporate video climate, this means creating a video campaign that boosts your audience’s trust in your brand.


Pathos, in the simplest of terms, is an appeal to emotion. We’ve spoken before about the importance of appealing to your audience’s emotions and showing your company’s human side. Audiences need something they can connect or relate to. An emotional appeal is most universal


Arguably the most popular of the three, appealing to your audience’s logic is of utmost importance. It is what will drive a consumer to buy your product out of necessity and not excessive need. It is what will keep them coming back after they realize they need your service. It incorporates tangible results from previous testimonials and should show off your expertise. It can also include statistical facts to make your brand impressive.

Here at Key West Video, we work with our clients to create the ultimate compelling corporate video. Our aim? To incorporate some level of these elements to help expand your brand through corporate video. Visit our website and contact us for a quote today!

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