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Pet Adoption Videos

The Canadian Federation of Human Societies reports that 82,000 cats and 35,000 dogs were taken in by shelters in 2015. Although there has been a downward trend in the numbers since then, there are still a lot of animals that need forever homes. That’s where video comes in. With its power to connect emotionally, video is a great tool to promote pet adoption.

Animal Videos get Views

Do you like to watch videos starring adorable animals? Of course, you do! We even wrote a recent blog about the popularity of cat videos. Although there is a debate over which animal is the online favourite. Whether you’d rather watch a video of a dog or a cat is irrelevant. The point is that animal videos get views and we can use them as a way to increase pet adoptions.

If you need more convincing, just think of some of the most popular tv bits. The CP24 pet adoption segment will always draw attention, whether you’re at the dentist or in a bar. Look at Steve Anthony with that kitten! We miss you, Steve 😥

What to Include

Pet Adoption Videos
Use a video to show off personality

If you’re making a pet adoption video on behalf of your furry friend, think of it as an online dating profile. You want to show off their best features and give the potential owner a feel for the animal’s personality. Show the star doing these things:

  • making eye contact. Use a treat to get the animal to look at the lens to make a connection with the viewer.
  • resting
  • playing
  • interacting with people
  • interacting with other animals
  • vocalizing. A little bark or meow is cute. Avoid any vocalizing that shows aggression.

An Interactive Pet Centre

There’s a community space in California that’s taken pet adoption and the use of video to the next level. The Wallis Annenberg Petspace uses interactive adoption suites to inform prospective pet adopters about the residents. The community space has partnered with the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control to help local animals find homes. With a mission to promote and strengthen the human-animal bond, this facility is using video in the most playful, cuddly, lovable way.

Make a Connection with Pet Adoption Videos

Video has the unique ability to connect with an audience on an emotional level. Key West Video has demonstrated this strength in everything from retirement projects to immigration stories to fundraisers. If you have a story to tell, give us a call today.

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