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Instagram & Twitter have made quick, mobile photo sharing commonplace. Now people can share their vacation photos as its happening, or post photos directly from live sporting events or concerts.

PhotoWhether you’re posting for yourself or a business, it never hurts to give your photo a little extra embellishment to help it stand out.

Though apps like #Instagram provide some simple editing tools, its hard to get exactly what you want out of an image when you’re limited to working on a mobile device.

Luckily, there are several fantastic mobile apps designed specifically for this purpose. Here’s our selection of the top 5 photo editing apps available right now.

  1. Colour Splash

Color Splash allows you to isolate the colour on one specific object, and make the rest of the image black & white. This is a relatively simple effect to accomplish for anyone well versed in professional photo editing software, but the ability to do this timeless effect quickly on a mobile device can help diversify your image posts, and give your followers a reason to hit “like”.

  1. InstaCollage Pro

Ever seen an Instagram post with multiple photos arranged together in a collage? You could spend a considerable amount of time assembling such an image in #photoshop, or you could build a professional looking collage photo for Instagram or #twitter in about 30 seconds with InstaCollage Pro. This app is perfect when you have 3-5 photos that really tell a story best when they are together.

  1. Superimpose

For those of you who are used to detailed photo editing software, you may want more options than the previous 3 apps can offer. Superimpose grants you some comparable features to those found in #Adobe Photoshop, but with a mobile friendly interface.

  1. Afterlight

Afterlight is currently #1 in the #Photo & #Video category in the Apple app store. This $0.99 app is geared almost directly toward Instagram users. It features basic colour correction options and a pack of frames and overlays that will help set your Instagram posts apart from the crowd.

  1. Camera+

This is easily our favourite app on the list. Camera+, is just what it sounds like. This approach to mobile photography pairs a filter with a specific type of photo at the time you are taking it. If you are snapping a shot of a sunset, a night scene, or a selfie under some fluorescent lights, Camera+ will use the best settings possible for that situation, giving you a photo that looks great to begin with.

Here’s another great photo app from our friends at Canva!


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