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Pitching a creative concept to a corporate client isn’t always easy. Creatives and business people don’t necessarily think the same way or use the same language. The trick is to clearly and effectively explain your idea and illustrate how it will meet the client’s objectives. Easy, right? Not always. Here’s how you can present your case for the best possible results.


In any client meeting, you need to walk in prepared. We like to send a list of questions to the client that’s video-centric. Not only does it ask questions about target market and objectives, like any other marketing brief, but it also asks about video format, voice-over and run time. That way, the client starts to enter our head space and when we get the answers back, we learn more about what the client is thinking.

Research the company and pore over any materials they’ve provided. Really understanding the client and their customers will help you brainstorm a better idea. This allows you to see things from a client’s perspective, which will help you pitch to them.

Check your materials. This means any PowerPoint presentations, links, and files. Make sure what you show is accurate and that it works. Nothing looks worse than sending the wrong link or having a video that doesn’t play. Corporate workers are accustomed to having lots of meetings and if you can’t get your kick-ass demo reel to play, they’re going to lose confidence in your ability to execute your concept.

Pitch Team

creative pitch
The configuration of your team depends on the project

The number of people pitching really depends on the size of the project, the client and the vendor. It can be a one-on-one situation or it can be a team, each person representing a different strength or aspect of the project. The group could also include freelancers with specialized skills that have been brought in for the project.

The whole objective of a pitch is to help the client realize your vision. You need to paint a picture and convince them that you know what works in your medium. Work on your elevator pitch. If your idea is too difficult to explain easily, it needs work and so does your pitch.

Let your personality shine. You want to differentiate your pitch, especially if you’re vying for a contract against other companies. Relax and be yourself. It also helps to think of a way to leave a lasting impression. Bringing food to a meeting is never a bad move. Cupcakes, anyone?

It doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B or at least some alternatives. Be prepared to think on your feet. If you’ve studied the client and you know their business, this should be doable.

Show Don’t Tell

Visuals help you sell an idea, especially a creative idea. If you’re proposing a new approach, the client needs to be able to envision the end product. Bring along any materials that will help you build your case.

At  Key West Video, we work in a visual medium, so we use video. It’s easy for us to show clients similar projects we’ve done to serve as examples. It’s also a good way of finding out whether or not we’re on the right track. We also ask clients to send us links to videos they like so we can see what they find inspiring.

Client Needs

creative pitch
Emphasize how your pitch addresses client needs

No matter how awesome the concept, it still needs to meet client needs and objectives. Incorporate your client’s brand into your idea so they can better imagine how it would work. Emphasize throughout the pitch how your idea will address pain points. In order for the client to invest in your idea, and the attached budget, they need to see the benefits. Finally, avoid saying these things.


Alright, stop. Collaborate and listen. Robert Van Winkle was onto something when he sang those lines. Try to look at your pitch as more of a collaboration or brainstorming session. If the client is jumping in with ideas or feedback, they’re engaged with your idea. Involving your audience makes them feel more like a partner and less like a witness. This also gives you the opportunity to make sure everyone is following along.

creative pitch
An engaged client is an invested client

An engaged client can also mean a smoother road ahead. If there are levels of approval, as there are in most corporate environments, you need the person who heard your pitch to be able to sell it on up the line. Give them the ammunition to keep pushing the idea forward.

Be Confident

If you have a chance to pitch a creative idea, go for it! Give your concept the attention it deserves so it has the best chance of being approved. Just remember that if you’re excited about an idea, you can generate interest in others. Have confidence in your company’s abilities and yourself. At Key West Video, we feel great about the work we do in corporate video. If you’d like to hear our pitch, give us a call today.

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