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Most businesses look at lot different right now than they did one year ago. A global pandemic has meant an avalanche of changes both personally and professionally. But there are a lot of companies around the world that have figured out innovative ways to adapt to the new normal. One way to stay in touch with customers and tell them how you’re dealing with COVID is through video. We’re seeing a lot of businesses pivot.


“Pivot” is a word we’ve been hearing a lot when it comes to approaching a new way of doing business. It’s a means of modelling that’s part short-term survival and part long-term resilience. If you can, view COVID as an opportunity. We’re all adapting to a different way of living and working, and in many cases that means we’re open to trying something new. Whether that’s a new way of delivering your products and services, or a completely new product or service, let people know what you’re doing!

pivot - covid19
Businesses have had to pivot during COVID

As consumers learn to live with fewer freedoms, priorities are shifting. Nowadays, most people are interested in how a business will provide a safe and comfortable experience. Has your business adapted by finding a way to satisfy these needs? Are you set up to offer something that’s already part of your wheelhouse, making any new products natural and trusted extensions of your brand? If you answered yes to these two questions, that likely means you’re finding a way to survive and maybe even thrive.


A video is a great way to update your business plan with existing and potential clients. Tell them what you can provide, how it’s especially suited to life during the pandemic, and maybe provide them with an incentive to give you a try. Since in-person visits are either prohibited or greatly reduced, show people what they’re missing—and what they can still get by appointment, online, or through home delivery. Did you know that having a video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by up to 80%? .


Every business is different, but here are a few ways our clients have found video useful during a global pandemic:

  • Training Videos. In April, it was reported that 7 million Canadians that used to be in workplaces were now working from home. That’s resulted in a lot of companies realizing they need a substitute for what used to be in-person training. Not only can a training video fill that need, but it’s also cost-efficient because it can be shown over and over again potentially for years.
  • Updated protocols. Tell your customers how you’re dealing with the pandemic. Let them know important information such as when and where masks are required, how many people can be in your store, and what services are on hold.
  • COVID-ready. Let consumers know that you have COVID-friendly options. Highlight online ordering, curbside pick-up, and contactless delivery. Give them a reason to trust you when it comes to safety and convenience.
  • All of the Above. Make one video that covers all the changes you’ve made this year. This is a convenient way of answering the questions your customers are most likely to ask. With the video on your homepage, they have all the necessary information on how to keep giving you their business.
Video helps you reach people while they work from home


It’s been a long eight months and we’re all looking forward to a time when we can return to socializing and doing business in a more carefree way. Until then, let’s continue to do what it takes to get through COVID together. At Key West Video, our team is serious about safety.  We work in small crews, wear masks on set, and practice physical distancing. It’s important to us to protect our customers and our employees. Call us today to talk about how we can promote your business while we all stay safe.

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