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Why Not Plant Clues In Your Corporate Video Treasure Hunt?

Planting clues in your corporate video campaign can be a fun way to engage viewers.

By planting clues, you’re giving your audience a chance to actively participate in your campaign.

Think of it as “Where’s Waldo?” in which readers turn each page of a book to find the character amongst a sea of people and images. Only, instead of searching for a person, the viewer can search for your product, instead.

Why Not Plant Clues In Your Corporate Video Treasure Hunt?
Photo credit: DocChewbacca via / CC BY-NC-SA

Think about it for a second: if you’re a company that sells a product that is easy to identify, it could be a cool way to explore your product in a busy environment.

For example, if you’re a cleaning company with an easily-recognizable product, you could put your cleaning product in the middle of a department store with similar items. With video, this could mean that your subject can search amongst a sea of similar items in search of yours.

It gets even better. By planting clues in a corporate video, you have the mobility to have your video function as a game. If it’s within your budget, it might be worth consider the AR/VR route. Users can interact with your brand by seeking out your product in another reality. Then, in a game of almost hide-and-seek, they can look for your product on a busy screen.

Your multi-video campaign can function as “levels” in a game. Instead of a traditional campaign in which companies create video content on a set schedule, users can seek out the next “level” to your campaign by finding the “clues” you plant in your video on their own time. With instructions, users can have an incentive (e.g. a giveaway prize) to complete each step of their journey with you. Perhaps the next part of the video campaign could be hosted on another platform (such as a mobile app or another website) with its own set of instructions.

By planting clues, your customers are no longer passive consumers of your product. Instead, they become actively involved in your brand. Chances are they’ll most likely retain any information you include better this way, as well.

Here at Key West Video, we welcome opportunities to expand creative corporate video campaign ideas. For more information about the service we provide or how we can help you plant clues in your corporate campaign, visit our website today!

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