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How Pokemon Go Changed Alternate Reality

With the recent release of the nostalgic game, Pokémon Go is revolutionizing the way we experience AR.

Pokémon GO has made it quite clear that it’s not only back – it just might be here to stay.

The once popular hit game (and cartoon, video game, card game, and action movie) never really left our radar. In fact, it might even be more well-received now as a free downloadable app for Android and iOS users.

Users from far and wide quickly downloaded the Nintendo AR game app and quickly got to catching.

But does Pokémon GO do anything new for AR? Well, first let’s discuss its interface. When the app is opened, users find a simple playing field in which their character can roam. There are little to no immersive visuals. Only when a creature is spotted does the world switch to reality. The graphics themselves are comparable to something that can be created with GameSalad Creator.

The main incentive?

Interactive, social gamers. By nature, the game encourages interaction between players in order to understand what’s going on in the world and to battle in the gym.

Over the years, there has been a steady increase of interest in AR. Even if you weren’t completely familiar with it, you’ve more than likely have heard of AR in relation to virtual reality. Digital Media professor Richard Lachmann of Ryerson University compared Pokemon GO’s use of AR to Snapchat’s use of filters. When you really think about it, both operate similarly. All they really do is add an extra overlay of simple graphics onto your reality.

Who knows? It may even surpass alternate reality (AR) with its combined use of reality and graphics. It’s also a lot cheaper than having to purchase expensive VR headsets.

Part of its appeal is that little is actually explained in the app. There’s virtually no instruction as to what happens at a Pokéstop, or even how to catch Pokémon in the first place is left ambiguous. The game’s developers have left almost everything unexplained and up to the user.

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