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Every industry comes with its own set of myths and truths.

With corporate video production, this is no exception. For some reason unbeknownst to the corporate video world, there are certain myths and misconceptions revolving around corporate video that we at Key West Video simply could not ignore.

Popular Myths About Corporate Video

We’ve touched on it before, but here’s to refresh your memory. According to some, corporate videos are:

1. Costly

People often assume that video production will cost way more than they can afford. This simply isn’t true. Depending on your corporate needs, any video production company will quote you based on industry standards. What’s most important is getting value for your return. Think of corporate video as an investment into your company’s brand.

2. Boring

Not only are we living in an evolving age with innovative technology, we are constantly looking for new ways to tell stories. We are using linear and non-linear storylines. We are reshaping the way we do comedy. We are abandoning HD for 4K resolution. There is now a multitude of ways to grab an audience’s attention. There’s really no reason corporate videos cannot reflect as such.

3. Inauthentic

Nothing is worse than a CEO talking-head with an obvious emotional disconnect with his or her audience. Corporate videos with dialogue should speak to, not talk at. This is not to say that corporate companies should not use management or executives in their videos, but rather create an engaging way for someone to relay a message. This, of course, is at the discretion of our clients, but we recommend creating fresh ways to spark your audience’s interests.

4. Not In Need a Script

People often underestimate the importance of having a script in a corporate video. Not only does it supplement any speaking gaps in the video, but it also adds a sense of direction. While you’re not exactly shooting a Hollywood blockbuster film, you will still need certain important information relayed to your audience. A script eliminates any chance of missing or inaccurate information.

5. Able to Be Done Without Actual Production Company

This is one of our favourite myths. There really isn’t a reason a corporate company shouldn’t invest into an actual video production company – especially if they want high-quality production quality. A full-service production company will not only help you map out video concepts, but also help you create a solid production schedule, use its professional videographers and equipment, and often include post-production editing services. Video production takes well-seasoned and skilled producers, videographers, editors, professional equipment, and much more. With their expertise, you will have a polished product you can be proud of.

Here at Key West Video, we offer the best in corporate video production. Check out our portfolio for some of the services we offer and contact us for a quote today!


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