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How To Avoid A PR Mess With Corporate Video Campaigns

Many companies have now taken the stand in the face of our current political climate. But is this beneficial or harmful for their PR?

It’s almost impossible to turn a blind eye to the political events currently unfolding before our  eyes. And as things heighten, it’s getting even more difficult to not respond. We’re reaching a time when silence speaks much louder than taking a stance. So how can companies remain socially and politically relevant in a way that won’t cause a PR mess?

How To Avoid A PR Mess With Corporate Video Campaigns
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Well, for one, they can release PR-related items. Statements. Blog posts. Tweets. Campaigns. For most larger companies with a strong stance on political issues, they can put out video campaigns with hashtags for social movements.

But how to go about it? Here we’ve compiled a short list of some things to include when considering a political video campaign.

Be Clear With Your Message

If you’re going to take a political stance, make sure your message is undeniably clear and full of context. There’s nothing worse than a corporate video with an ambiguous or unclear message. Make sure audiences know where you stand on particular issues.

Be Considerate of Your Audience

Being clear with your message also means understanding who it is you are creating your video for. If you’re an organization like PETA or Planned Parenthood, chances are your audience will already have an idea of where you stand when it comes to certain animal or women’s rights issues. Know who supports your brand. Reassure and solidify your audience with a message true to your brand.

Provoke Thought

Last, but not least, your video should elicit thought from your audience. Your goal should be to garner a meaningful (and hopefully positive) response from your audience and prompt them to want to create change. It should also speak to your audience’s core values and beliefs as aligned with your own.

Here at Key West Video, we work with clients to create impactful video campaigns. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website today.

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