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Corporate Video Preparation: How to Prepare Yourself for A Corporate Video Audition

Yesterday we gave some tips and techniques for how to prepare your company for an interview/testimonial style shoot. Today, in part two of our series, Corporate Video Preparation, we will look at how actors should prepare for an audition. This segment will delve into the do’s and don’ts for preparing to audition for a corporate production. corporate video preparation

Do – Dress the part. With any hints that the production company gives you as to what type of character you will be playing, come prepared. Dress the part, just like with any dramatic audition. It will most often be easier in corporate auditions as the roles may be based around average looking people. With any insight you are given into the character, take the time to dress accordingly. If they say 40’s business man, then definitely wear a suit. If they say you’re a doctor, whats the harm in bringing a white coat? Although the role might not actually call for it, at least you’re showing initiative and your dedication for the part.

Don’t – Forget your lines. As much as possible all of your lines should be memorized. It is a sign of disrespect if you waste others time by not showing up prepared. Here are some tips for memorization. The only exception is if they don’t give you the sides (script) until the minute before. In some cases, especially when a teleprompter is to be used during shooting, a casting director will want you to read off the teleprompter with no previous review of the script. This is to test your skill with working with a prompter and ensure your ease of use. If you know this is the case ahead of time, test yourself out first. Practice on an ipad, computer or your phone. Bring up a random script and read off the screen just like you would be delivering the lines.

Do – Be confident. First impressions matter. If you walk into a room with confidence and approachability you are guaranteed to be noticed over someone who is shy and demure. Make sure to make eye contact with the casting director and their assistants, or whoever else is in the room. Be friendly when you introduce yourself, but ensure you remain professional, remember you are here to perform a job.

Don’t – Be Late. The worst thing you can do before you are even given the opportunity to give a first impression is to arrive late. There is often a tight schedule on the day with multiple individuals auditioning back to back and only several minutes to spare between each audition. I would suggest arriving at least 10-15 minutes before your call time, to ensure you have time to find the right space, go to the bathroom and calm your nerves if you need to. If you are someone who is known to be late, then plan to arrive even earlier.

Do – Follow-up. While depending on the project you may hear back right away, other times you have to be patient. Sometimes these things take time as companies need to go up the chain of command to get approvals. Although this might be the case there is no harm in following-up with the production company which you auditioned with. Sending them a friendly reminder that you are waiting to hear back is not uncommon and shows your interest. Do not however, continually call and email even after they have told you they will follow-up with you once a decision has been made. It is good to assert your interest, but bad to annoy those in power.

I hope that these do’s and don’ts will treat you well when going on your next casting call for a corporate video production. If you have any questions or tips of your own please connect with us in the comments section or on our facebook page.

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