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Have an amazing and unique product but no video? Here is the scoop on why product videos should be an integral part of your marketing campaign.

Studies have shown that online users who watch product videos are generally 85% more likely to purchase something than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer, April 2010)

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The proof is in the numbers. Numerous research groups have shown that video does have a large impact when it comes to the sale of #products and services, and especially when coupled with an online retail site. Customers today need to be wowed. There are so many different products on the market, and with fierce competition comes the need for companies to stand out from the pack. Oh, and you better do it quickly because our attention spans are forever shrinking. Here is why product videos can be so lucrative.

#Videos are a simple, quick and effective way to showcase your products. In a 30 second to two minute spot you can highlight its features, talk about its benefits, and find an interesting way to target your key #consumer. And if you are able to do that in a great package with a little pizzazz, you can truly impress and turn online visitors into purchasers.

Companies large and small have known about the power of video for decades, but within the past few years, and with all the studies being done, it seems that no organization wants to get left in the dark. The success of many of these video campaigns is evident.  Zappos, the online fashion site for example, reported a jump in sales of their products between 6% to 30% with the use of video. (ReelSEO, December 2009.)

Beyond the Traditional Benefits

The benefits of product videos go beyond the traditional as well. We all know that product videos can attract attention, increase awareness of a product, and even turn eyeballs into sales. Adam Hayes from Wyzowl Blog tells us, product videos are also useful in reducing customer queries.

“Product videos give customers a great amount of information at the earliest opportunity, giving you the chance to proactively answer many questions that may otherwise have ended up in your support team’s inbox.”

There are numerous other benefits as well. Andrew Follett, Founder and CEO of Video Brewery says,

“Explainer videos keep track of what product or service potential customers are interested in by displaying the number of views on each video”

This is an important asset when deciding on which products should stay, which should go, what ones would be good to promote, put on sale, sell to a specific market etc. Video stats are an amazing analytics tool, which can help you track the excitement for your products.

Over the years Keywest Video has been privileged to aid numerous companies in the production of their product videos. A recent client we have worked with, Ryan Design (click on the link to check out the video), contacted us to create an informative and promotional video for their latest innovative product “Touch Film”. The goal of this video was to not only promote the product, but also showcase its functionality and usability in the appropriate setting. The final video was not only an excellent illustration of the product’s capabilities and functionality, but also its ease-of-use and sleek design.

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