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Why Hire a Professional Videographer?

These days it might seem pointless to hire a professional videographer. Video cameras are readily available, and furthermore, people know how to use them. So why pay a professional videographer hundreds of dollars for something you think you can do yourself?  Is it worth the investment? How about hiring a recent film grad? In this post, we will tell you what sets apart professional videographers vs. someone with a camera, and why a professional videographer will be worth it.

Professional Videographers are more than a guy with a camera. They are trained and experienced in their field.

Firstly let’s explain what makes a professional different than someone with a camera.

Professional Videographers come with the latest professional equipment and know how to use them. They will come to the shoot prepared, and have all the necessary equipment needed for the shoot to run as smooth as possible.  Shooting a video is more than just having a video camera. Do you have proper mics? Proper lighting equipment? A slider? Tripod? Monopod? Teleprompter? If not, the video will end up looking simplistic and amateurish.

Professional Videographers are problem solvers. They know the ins and outs of shooting a great video. If there is an audio or lighting problem, they will know exactly how to solve that problem –and fast, not to miss a moment of that shoot. Could you say that about yourself?

Professional Videographers are trained to have a keen eye. They know the best lighting for different shots and knows the best and most creative angles. If you decide to shoot the video yourself, the video could end up looking boring, dull and lacking creative direction. You’re trying to promote your business; is all your hard work worth it for a shaky, poorly lit video?

Another option can be hiring a recent film grad – for a lower price. Both the recent film grad and professional videographer have training; but what makes a professional videographer the proper choice, is the years of experience he has in the field.

If you want a great video, hiring a professional videographer is worth the investment.

Here at Key West Video, we have a well-seasoned videographer who knows the ins and outs of everything that has to do with videography.

The starting rate for our Professional Videographer is $499 for a half day. That includes a lighting package, lav mics and camera mics, tripod and your choice of camera.

Contact us for more information on a Keywest Professional Videographer.

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Why hire a Professional Videographer
Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Why to hire a Professional Videographer Toronto

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