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When it comes to production work you can never be too prepared. No matter how hard you try, this industry is unpredictable at its core. Which is why schedules, timelines, and an endless amount of lists are the key to successful projects.


At Keywest we take the pre-production phase of all our projects very seriously. It is within this stage where we define the concept and direction of our clients productions. It is also during this phase that we plan out all of the details of their project. There are a variety of different documents that we utilize in order to ensure we are on the same page as our clients, have a clear vision of where the production is headed, and are able to keep track of it’s progress every step of the way. Here are some of the items we use in order to do just that.

First Call Sheet

The first call sheet is where all of our projects begin. In this document we accumulate any information that we have received from the initial call, email or meeting with our client. The document is a reminder of all the different services that we provide, as well as the variety of options they can choose from. Ex. half day versus full day, voice-over, number of camera operators, shoot day and time, video length, editing details… and the list goes on. These call sheets are kept on file, so even if our potential client doesn’t go ahead with the projects until months after the initial point of contact, we still have all of the information they provided us.

Tracking Binder

The main details of each project are then written down in our tracking binder. This allows us to have easy and quick access to our list of current and potential projects. The binder is very useful in following-up with our clients and making sure we are on track with their project.

Stages Document

Once a project is green-lit we put together a stages document. This form has a list of all the main information regarding each stage of production. All client and crew contact information, location, video type and audience details are outlined in the pre-production stage. Within the production stage, direction details, timing, equipment lists, and client comments are highlighted. The last stage outlines post-production, including length of the video, graphics or animation direction, and delivery options. This document is very useful throughout the entire project life. It is created and then sent to the client for review. Once approved the crew gets a copy so everyone is on the same page before production begins.

Shot List

One of the last major documents that we create to ensure all of our projects are successful, is a shot list. This is where we create a list of all the content we wish to capture during the shoot, and outline the location, talent, direction, and timing involved. It is not only useful to ensuring we have all the footage we need, but it also keeps us on schedule during the shoot.

These are just some of the ways Keywest makes sure we are overly prepared for our productions. Our clients projects are of the utmost importance to us, and we know that a successful job begins with the pre-production phase.

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