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If You Don’t Promote Your Video Who Will?

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So you’ve created a corporate video. Great! Nothing more to do than to sit back and bask in your accomplishment right? Wrong! You need to promote it!

Some videos are lucky enough to go viral once they hit the web. But in the grand scheme of things very few do. With the majority of videos, especially corporate ones, there is some hard work required in order to get your video seen and heard.

Here are just a few of the ways you can rest assured that your video is reaching a wider audience than just your colleagues and relatives.

Promote It – This may sound like the most logical thing ever but it’s true. You can’t just post a video intended for the public and assume the public will find a way to discover it. You need to actively look for ways to help your audience discover the video so they can watch, like, and hopefully share it too.

Harness Your Social Media Presence – Don’t just put it up on YouTube – utilize Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even putting a snippet of the video on Instagram with a link to the full video can be powerful. Harness those audiences which you have already worked hard to get.

Share With Friends and Associates – Of course the first step is to get your coworkers to take notice and ask them to share it with their network. Then you need to branch out to your own networks of friends, vendors and clients. The best people to approach will be those who the video is most relevant to, and those who may have a network of their own that may be interested in seeing your content.

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Write & Talk About It – Especially when it is fresh new content, you need to make it a habit to get others to engage with the video as much as possible. Do this by writing about it in the company newspaper and blog. Get others to mention it at their next team meeting. Find ways to bring it up so word starts getting out there and a snowball effect begins to form.

Engage With the Online Community – There are so many communities out there that are interested in a wide array of topics. Find bloggers or internet personalities that might be interested in your subject matter and reach out to them. There is no harm in showing them your content and seeing if they will help promote it for you.

There are so many ways to promote your video, but the main thing to remember is to just do something. Don’t leave it to chance and allow your video to fall into an abyss of irrelevancy. Get out there and promote it yourself, get others to promote it for you, and harness the online community whether through social media or bloggers.

If you ever need outside assistance for promoting your corporate videos contact us here at Key West Video. Because we have been in the corporate video business for 26 years now and we know what works.

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