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Top 10 Online Promotion Techniques For Your Corporate Video

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Promotion Techniques: Having video at your disposal is a great way to get your company noticed, and share the great work that you do. However, if a few people are actually watching the video then its purpose is lost. We want to share with you some interesting, and some very straightforward, techniques on how to promote your corporate video online.


1.Optimize for SEO                                                                                                                      Once your video is created and you are about to put it out for the world to see, you need to focus on ensuring that it is easy for individuals to find. An important tool to aid in this process is optimizing your video for search engine marketing purposes. Everything from the title of the video, to the little description underneath, the video needs to be scrutinized. Use keywords which relate to your video’s content and audience. Adding a link to your website or blog at the top of the description is beneficial as it ushers the viewers to the more relevant content of your company’s. Another important aspect in regards to SEO is closed captioning. It provided content for Google’s spiders to crawl in order to figure out search rankings, and can thus aid in providing you with more relevant searches of your video. Lastly, you should include several targeted tags for your video. Jenny Dean of Problogger explains,

“Tags are your keywords, and they are critically important to being found. Include any relevant tags. Then, check back in a month or two to see how that particular video is being found—and change out some of the tags that are insignificant.”

2. Promote it on your website
It may seem like common knowledge, but many business owners think a promotional video is only for social media purposes or to be put on a certain page on their website. Depending on the content of the video, it can be placed in numerous spots on your website in order to gain more viewers, as well as to promote the content within it. If it is a testimonial video, for example, it can be under your ‘clients’ section of your website, as well as on your home page. Every view helps spread your message further, so why not use all of the resources at your disposal.

3. Email it to your clients
There is no harm or foul in actively pursuing audiences who may be interested in your video. Your clients, family & friends, and even potential clients you are in contact with are all viable and potentially interested parties. If your video is highlighting your company in general, a new product or service, or the great work that your team has been up to, it is always nice to share with those who have been along for the ride, and those that are interested in learning more. An email blast can provide lots of great views and potentially more work/new customers.

4. Share it everywhere
Just like with an email blast, there’s no shame in finding innovative, or alternatively very common places, where you can gain a new audience for your video. In Gareth Davies ebook Videotastic, he outlines 17 ways to market your video online. In it he states,

“One of the great benefits of video is that it’s possible to share your creation with an audience that may never have heard of you before – by using video-sharing websites.”

This statement can’t be truer. That is why video is so powerful and can draw attention to your company in such a rapid and fantastic way. Because if the video is well produced, and the content is rich with information that people are looking for, then it can explode and a viral video may be formed. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it’s always best to set yourself up so your video at least has the potential to reach that goal. Some examples of great places to share your video include; Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, DailyMotion, and really any other social or niche site that allows for the upload and sharing of videos.

5. Contact Bloggers

Bloggers, especially those with a significant following, can be a great thought leader in which certain communities listen to, and take advice from. Getting in touch with a blogger from your company’s niche field is a great way to get help promoting your product or service. Reach out to them, share your video with them, and explain why you believe their audience would find it interesting or informative.

6. Write your own blog post about it

Instead of waiting for someone else to promote your video on their blog, make sure you also write about it yourself. Think about what you believe your readers would find interesting. Maybe discuss the process you took to create the video, or discuss what happened behind the scenes. You can relate your video back to other blog posts you have written, and discuss why it was important for you to create the video in order to highlight a new aspect of your company or focus more on your marketing efforts.

7. Share with your affiliates

Another great promotion technique to get your video out to viewers who you don’t have direct contact to is by encouraging your vendors or affiliates to utilize your video for their own means. As a video highlighting your product/service may be beneficial for others to showcase their own work as well. Gareth Davies again shares his wisdom by saying,

“If your promotional videos are good quality and easy to embed, there’s a good chance your affiliates will want to use them [on their website]. Videos can boost web conversions, which is good news for both you and your affiliates.”


8. Link to your video in your email signature

By linking to your video in your email signature you are able to simply and easily promote your video, without pressuring anyone to watch it, or shoving it down someone’s throat. It is also enticing as no one is telling your email contacts to watch the video, it is just there for viewing if they choose so. In market research, it has been proven that if you give individuals the choice to watch a video instead of just starting the video for them, they will always pay more attention and watch longer when they make the active decision to watch the video themselves.

9. Write a press release about it 

In an article in Entrepreneur, Jason R. Rich expresses his tip for online video promotion.

“Use public relations techniques, such as using press releases to contact bloggers, editors, reporters and producers in order to generate free media coverage for your videos in mainstream media, as well as in blogs that cater to your target audience.”

This promotion technique is good for a variety of purposes. Not only are press releases a great way to draw attention to your video, but they are very useful for SEO purposes as well. They help create links to your website and provide an authority approved source for information about your company.

10. Create a campaign around it

One of the best promotion techniques for your video in the online sphere is to center your video around a larger campaign. This can mean coming up with a promotional contest and base it around watching and/or interacting with your video. Or it can mean making the video part of a larger branding campaign, where online ads, social media efforts, and the video all correlate to express the same message to your audience. A video is a great tool, but it is even more powerful when used in conjunction with larger efforts that attract viewership and entice your customers to engage with your brand.

I hope some of these promotion techniques for your corporate video are useful for you and provide you with a starting off point in order to gain a wider base of viewers for your video. If you are interested in getting a corporate video produced or need help promoting a preexisting video, contact Key West Video today!

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