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Samsung Promotional Ad: Worst Acting Job

Worst Acting Ever Seen in a Promotional Ad Video

The new Samsung promotional video has been called “the worst acting job ever seen in an Ad” by Reddit, so of course I was intrigued and had to watch it. Reddit calling it the WORST acting job seemed a little harsh at first, but it was definitely true.

The ad features three actors, a baffled housewife, a studious Asian gamer, and a corporate ladder-climber—all robotically reciting a script about how amazing the product is. It was a good idea to feature three completely different stereotypes of people  for this video because the audience could then connect and relate to at least one of them.

The result is something that can’t really be described in writing, so you must see it for yourself below. The original was pulled from YouTube after it became a laughing stock on Reddit, but mirrored versions continue to circulate so that the world can appreciate this impressive feat of faux sincerity.

After this promotional ad was released, the corporate actor in the video made a statement explaining why the acting was so bad. He states that the ad will be dubbed in Korean and mostly be watched by Koreans.  He also says that it’s a promotional video, not a TV commercial, meaning it will be shown at conventions and expos and in-house. Even so, this should never be an excuse for bad acting and a poor script, TV commercial or not.

But after 3 minutes of squirming at the terrible acting job, I actually did want to go out and buy the new Samsung’s 840 EVO solid-state hard drive. The ad did a good job of explaining the perks of the new hard drive: how much faster it makes your computer. They also did a good job of showing us that it wouldn’t even be difficult to install the product into your computer (which for the housewife type of people out there, it actually looks simple and easy). And since most of us has had some experience using a slow computer at least one time in our lives, this was a great way of connecting with the audience.

Even though the script was awful and the acting was horrible, the video became viral for being so bad and ultimately became that more popular. Did it make you want to go out and purchase the new Samsung solid state drive?

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