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We hear the question “what makes a quality corporate video?” from our clients a lot. And the answer is not as complicated as one might think. Here are our top 3 answers to producing a quality corporate video.

In writing a post, or even discussing with a client, the myriad of things which make up a quality video production, there are three recurring themes I have noticed. When you find a video that you love, whether it be a #CorporateVideo, or even a #ViralVideo, #BrandVideo, #TrainingVideo or the like, the aspects of those videos that stand out always seem to fall into one of the categories below; it tells a story, it has high production value, and the viewer really buys into it.


Video simply, is a visual storytelling medium. Just like a well written novel or a moving piece of music, a quality corporate video tells you a story of who the company is at its core, how this product came to life, why this service is imperative for consumers, and so on. Instead of just thinking of your video as a way to get across what you want to say, think first about what your customers want to know, and start there. What is the most exciting aspect of your businesses? Find a way to incorporate that into the theme of your video, while also getting across the things you need to. Just remember that audiences don’t like being spoken to. They enjoy videos most when they are included in the thinking process, when they get something out of the video, and when they are entertained.

Production Value

This one is a little more obvious. Everyone wants their video to look nice. Creating a quality corporate video also entails knowing how to juggle budget with professionalism. Simple tools of the trade which may only cost a few hundred dollars of your production budget can go a long way in making your video seem a lot more expensive. If you see equipment such as #Steadicam, #sliders, RC #helicopters, and a second camera listed on your quote, know that these can amp up the production value of your video immensely. For example, using two cameras for an interview set-up can allow for more interesting visuals when having the interview subject on screen, and can also provide more options to cut up and chop together different segments of the same interview.


One thing that always ruins a video is finding out that is was all bullshit. It’s like learning the Easter Bunny isn’t real (I hope I didn’t spoil that for anyone). Generating a sense of authenticity can be difficult when your main goal is to put on a good show. Yes, we still want you and your organization to look good, but no that does not mean that we need to hire actors with three inches of make-up on to achieve that goal. As much as possible I prefer using real employees for b-roll shots, and real employees to speak on the company’s behalf. Of course, ensuring that the person you are getting to represent your company is well spoken and knows what to say is a must, but with a little coaching and finding the right person that isn’t as hard as it sounds. And if an interview style isn’t the right way to go, there are plenty of other ways to tell your story without it. The point is to figure out who your company is and the best way to represent that, without trying to fool people into believing you’re something that you’re not. This is what will make a quality corporate video. Because 9 times out of 10 audiences will be able to see through the BS.

Here is an example of a video produced by HubSpot, found on Ramp “4 Examples of Corporate Video Done Right”, which I believe in various ways falls into the three categories described above, and is a quality corporate video. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think. Does it tell you the story of who HubSpot is as a company? Does it have nice looking shots with high production value? Is it authentic?

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