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Should You Hire A Production Company To Quit Your Job?

Ever dreamt of dramatic ways to quit your job? Here we take a look at the video possibilities.

To quit a job is no easy feat. Let’s first acknowledge that you, the employee, are taking a huge step in leaving your current place of employment. Usually, an employee gives his or her two weeks’ notice. This gives an employer time to find a replacement, and the employee to leave in good standing with the company (never know when you’ll need a reference!). Whether it’s a long overdue burning of bridges, or upward mobility at another company, it’s a big move that signals big change.

Should You Hire A Production Company To Quit Your Job?

But if you’re leaving on either term, one creative way to quit a company is to create an explainer video.

If you’re the kind of person who’s ever walked away from an argument only to realize moments later that you had a lot more to say, then an explainer video might be a great way to finally make that resignation. Assuming you aren’t the most articulate employee, a pre-planned explainer video might be beneficial to you. This way, you can map out everything you want to say, edit what doesn’t work, and eliminate the awkwardness of that final encounter by controlling the narrative of what you want to say (you’d be surprised at just how many employees get talked back into staying at their jobs).

But what should you include? After all, this isn’t exactly a conventional way to quit. What exactly should you say to your future former boss?

Well, a resignation video can operate very much the same way as a resignation letter. Some things to consider including are a list of the benefits of having worked at the company, outlining the ways in which you’ve grown there, skills you’ve acquired, or things you’ve learned. You can acknowledge your boss(es) and provide a brief explanation of where you feel you’re at in your career. Some employees feel the need to announce what their next steps are (e.g. career changes, a better position at another company, etc.). If this is you, by all means, go for it.

Should You Hire A Production Company To Quit Your Job?
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An explainer video also eliminates room for misunderstanding. The camera captures body movement and facial expression, meaning that your resignation can be as fun, or as serious, as you want it to be. Unlike a resignation letter, a video makes it difficult for an employer to take personally or possibly misconstrue your intentions.

Other things you might want to include are ways in which you can stay connected. Assuming you’re quitting on good terms, there may be future opportunities to reconnect with bosses, retain connections with coworkers, or generally keep the lines of communication open in case your paths cross again.

Shooting a resignation video can be a fun exercise in dealing with the pressures and anxieties of moving on. If you’re someone who struggles with interpersonal conflict (or writing difficult letters), then hiring a production company like Key West Video might be a great option for you.

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