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In the late summer of 2016, Key West Video worked with Blade Creative Branding to make a video for Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm. This branding piece was shot in La Salette, Ontario on a beautiful August day. The client wanted the video to have an emotional appeal, allowing the audience to connect with the story and the storyteller.


The laid-back tone is established from the start with a beauty shot of a country road and folksy music. We hear brewery founder, John Picard, telling the origin story of his business. The Ramblin’ Road logo also appears early, helping with branding.

We ride along as Picard drives country roads and tells the viewer about the brewery. The audience is taken on a tour of the area, learning about Ramblin’ Road on an intimate level. Picard talks about his personal connection to the surroundings and why he wanted to start a business in Norfolk County.


Throughout the video, we see shot after shot of beautiful Norfolk County. It’s another character in the piece. The narration supports the idea that the location is integral to the idea of a brewery farm, which is how Ramblin’ Road identifies itself.

The beauty shots of the County emphasize the natural bent of the product. Picard talks about craft beer in Ontario and we even see a Canadian flag painted on the side of the Ramblin’ Road building. The farm setting reinforces the down-home, local feel of the video and the brewery. Drone shots were used to make the landscape look as big and wide-open as possible.

Close to Nature

Nature is a central theme throughout the video. At one point, Picard walks the viewer down a row of trellises draped with hop vines. Smelling the plants, he talks about how they’re used to make Ramblin’ Road beer. Picard calls his brewery farm “an adventure in agriculture”. Even though we also see an industrial area where workers are packaging beer, nature is the recurring touchpoint of the video.


Farming is a vital part of Ramblin’ Road, but the end product is what we buy as consumers so it’s important to get a look at what we’d see in a store. Is there anything more enticing than a slow-motion shot of beer being pulled from a tap? We don’t think so!

We hear briefly from an office manager and a retail service representative who both support the Ramblin’ Road brewery farm ethos by talking about the locally grown and sourced raw materials that go into their products. The audience learns that beer isn’t the only thing on offer when we see a retail shop and restaurant. Burgers, nuts and branded glassware fill the shelves and potato chips made from local potatoes float in a fryer. There’s even a shot of a government award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence.


The Road to Ramblin’ Road leaves the viewer with a strong impression of the farm brewery. After watching the piece, the audience feels like they know the founder, they know his business and they understand the connection to Norfolk County. This piece now lives on the Ramblin’ Road website. If you have a company that could benefit from a public introduction, call Key West Video today for a free quote.

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