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Real Estate videos are an important facet of marketing a home. We can help create an immersive video which takes the viewer on a tour of your property.

Being a real estate agent means that many consumers are forced to trust you with a large chunk of their hard-earned wealth… this means that you have to be trustworthy. Studies have shown that people are more likely to like and trust people they have seen in person than people they have only spoken to on the phone or through email. Video can help you convey your personality and presence as a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent, thereby helping consumers get to know you before you’ve even met them.

We live in an age where everything is about speed, and the real estate industry is no exception to this. It’s faster to convey a message through video than it is through text… therefore people are more like to watch your real estate video than look through your real estate website or brochure. As consumers’ attention spans get smaller, it is crucial to grab (and hold) their attention immediately – video can help you do that.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of every business’ website, including those in the real estate industry. Video is 57% more likely to make on the first page of Google than text alone. Professional real estate video can be an excellent tool to get your agents / listings / brokerages to the first page of Google and make sure that you’re above the competition.

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Take a look at a Real Estate video that we’ve done in the past. Below is a consumer-targeted website video for a Century21 brokerage, modeled after the company’s existing “Smarter. Bolder. Faster.” campaign.

In essence, if used correctly by those in the real estate industry, video can be an excellent tool to get your message across faster and more convincingly than any other medium. Real estate videos can be a worthy investment for those in the industry and the cost can easily be justified by the benefits and opportunities for new business.
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