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“Can I revise my video?” We get asked this alot. It’s said that nothing lasts forever and even the best videos sometimes need revisions. At Key West Video, it’s not unusual for us to have a client return weeks, months, or even years after a project has been finalized to ask about revisions. Since this is a relatively common occurrence, we thought it would be useful to talk about what happens when your video needs an update.

Reasons to Revise a Video

Although you probably put a lot of thought into the production of your video, it’s impossible to predict the kinds of future events that call for revisions. Here are just a few of the reasons behind revising a video:

desk with laptop with "brand" on screen
A branding change calls for video revisions
  • New Logo. Many of our corporate videos start and end with a company’s logo. If your logo has changed, we can make the fix on your video when you provide the asset.
  • Team Changes. Is there someone in your video who has left the company? Or do you need to include a new team member? Avoid any viewer confusion by addressing these issues with a video revision.
  • Name Change or Rebrand. Business is always in flux. Sometimes that means a company gets a new name. If you’re flying under a new banner, your video can be updated to keep branding consistent.
  • Father Time. Some products and services stand the test of time, while others change with the times. Updates can be made when a video has outdated products or services. Make sure your customers and viewers are getting current information.


hard drive make it easy to revise video
Finalized projects are archived on hard drives

Did we say nothing lasts forever? Well, our storage policy may be the exception. Every project is stored on an external drive, including all related assets, for a minimum of five years. Given that we work in a digital industry, storing all that information takes up much less room than it used to when things were taped-based! It’s a system that enables our editors to pull your hard drive, load the project, and assess what needs to be revised.

Associated Costs

It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty: how much does revising a video cost? The truth is, it really depends on how much work goes into the revision. If we’re doing a simple logo change in two or three places and then sending out a new version, this is a cheap and easy fix. When your video needs a new voice-over, there are charges related to the voice talent. Changes in graphics and animation take more time, which will be reflected in the cost. Finally, if new footage needs to be shot and edited into an existing video, that requires extra production time and a new quote.

blackboard with "costs" and up arrow
Extra shoot days increase overall video cost

Here’s the bottom line: every project is different and Key West Video wants our clients to be happy. If we’ve worked together in the past, we’ll talk to you about any video revisions you may need and discuss related charges. And if you realize after a week that you need to replace a shot that shows an old logo in your office, we’ll probably do that at no extra charge. However, if the project has been finalized for more than a month, we’ll provide a new quote for the necessary work. We want you to keep thinking of us for future videos and we’ll do what we can to make our partnership a good deal for everyone involved.

Revise or Start Over?

Sometimes the best way to revise a video is to just make something new. Consider how much of your existing video needs to be revised. If your product or service has changed significantly, it’s probably a good time for a brand new video. Also, think about whether adding new footage will match. Although we can do a pretty good job of making new footage look like original footage, do you really want to degrade the beautiful footage we just shot to match the older stuff? If you’re replacing a significant amount of material, starting over may be the better choice.

Return Business

Finalizing a project is a great feeling, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make changes down the road. Corporate video production has evolved in a way that makes revising videos simpler than ever. Non-linear editing means we have the ability to easily move, delete, and replace any part of a video. Should your video ever need revisions, call us and we’ll be happy to talk about your options and the associated costs.

This blog was originally posted in 2012 and has been updated to reflect current policies.

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