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At Key West Video, we come into contact with a lot of RFPs, specifically for video production. RFP’s can be as extensive or as simple as you want them to be, but we find that structuring an RFP a certain way helps us understand what you’re looking for.

About You

When you approach a company and request proposals, one of the things we’d like to know is who you are. What does your company/organization do? What are your values? When we know a little bit about what you do, it makes it easier for us to write a proposal.

Outline the Project

Now that you’ve told us a little bit about you let us know what the project is. What are you looking for? Are you interested in animation, live-action, podcasts, photography? This is also the section where you can highlight the goal of the video and who the target audience is. Knowing this information helps potential vendors put together a great proposal.

What are You Providing?

You’ve outlined your project, but now its time to describe your role in this partnership. Are you going to providing the script? Translations? Transcriptions? All of this is important and can help your potential vendor quote you accurately.

The Deliverables

Even though you’ve outlined your project in detail, having a section that indicates the deliverables is extremely helpful. How many videos in total, and at one length? If you’re looking for videos in multiple languages, let us know that as well.

A great way to outline this if you’re looking for three videos in English and French is to put it like this. “Looking for 3x 2 Minute English Videos and 3x 2 Minute French Videos”. This breaks it down super clearly for your potential vendors.

What to Include in the Proposal

In this section of your RFP, make sure you let the bidders know what exactly you want them to mention. Do you want to see their organizational structure? Do you want to see the resumes of each team member? Are you interested in seeing what kind of equipment they work with or what extra services they provide?

RFPs for video production can be extremely extensive. If some or all of these things are important to you, then make sure to include this in your RFP. If you want to see a work back schedule or timeline, make sure you let your bidders know.


If you’re working with a tight deadline or need certain aspects of the production done at a particular time, make sure you’re highlighting this in your proposal. This will help your bidders, and potential bidders know if they’re available and capable of completing this project.


When you’re looking for potential bidders, the budget will help you narrow down those who can and want to work with you. For example, if you have a set budget for video production at $3000 for this project, indicate this in your proposal.

Your bidders can take this into account when putting together your quote and possibly provide you a special deal to make it fit within your budget.

Your criteria

The criteria can arguably be the most critical part of the proposal. What is your criteria for picking a vendor? If you have a grading system or point system in place for the selection process, include this in your RFP. Bidders who pay extra attention will double-check this list to make sure they’re checking off all of your boxes.

Writing RFPS for video production can be an overwhelming process. Just remember to be as transparent as possible, even down to the formatting, if you’d prefer! If you have any RFP tips, let us know in the comments!

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