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Video & Politics: The Rob Ford Video Scandal

Video can be a politician’s best friend or their worst nightmare. A key element to any public figures campaign, video in the form of news coverage, promotional videos, or guerrilla footage shot by the public and posted online can be both a blessing and a curse.

Rob Ford knows all too well, that as someone with the lime light shining bright on you, you need to be careful with how you present yourself to the public. Unfortunately, for Ford, it seems like a certain infamous video in question for months now, has surfaced and has the possibility to be released.

On Doug Ford’s radio show, the Newstalk 1010, this past Sunday Rob expressed his desire for Police Chief Bill Blair to release the video which allegedly shows the mayor smoking what is believed to be crack cocaine. This plea for the video to be released is Mr. Ford’s last attempt at proving his innocence, as presumably if the video showed what some claim it shows, then Mr. Ford should be shaking in his boots at its potential release.

Alas, the issue with releasing the video stems from the fact that it is a piece of evidence in the extortion trial for the now infamous Alessandro Lisi. As The Star reported earlier today, Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash said, “We are required by the law to turn the evidence over to the courts. The courts, alone, have the authority to decide what can be released.” If Mr. Lisi pleads guilty in his case, this piece of evidence will possibly never be released for public consumption.

However, there is discussions on the other side of things which suggest that the release of the video is completely legal. Just as police often display evidence such as guns, drugs and money that have been seized and used during an investigation to the media, this video could be put on display all the same.

Either way, unfortunately, the Ford name has been tarnished. Whether the video exists or not has been cleared. We are now well aware that a video does exist. If the video shows Toronto’s Mayor smoking crack, or any illegal substance for that matter, still remains up for discussion. What is very evident, is that in our current political and social climate, and largely due to smartphones, no one is safe from scandal.

What do you think about the Rob Ford video scandal? Do you think that the video will be released? If so, what do you expect to see on it? Let Keywest Video know your thoughts!

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