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Great video production doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some of the cost saving measures we use for our client’s videos.

savingAt Key West Video we are always looking for innovative ways to make our #productions affordable for our #clients. Saving costs isn’t always about reducing production value or taking things away from a #project. It is also about finding innovative ways to provide our clients what they need but in a cost-effective fashion.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, and we have worked with #start-ups and #non-profits. Our wide array of #clientele provides us the framework to understand what goes in to a high quality production, but also to understand that budgetary constraints do exist for many. That is why we have developed different cost saving strategies depending on our individual clients’ needs.

For many of our #shoots we go with a low impact approach. What we mean by that is, we figure out the least amount of #crew that is required to provide the level of production our client is looking for, while also maintaining our quality requirements. For example, if our client requires a #promotional #video about their product/service and wants to conduct interviews and capture b-roll around their facility, we would aim for a 3 person crew. A #director of #photography to stage the #interview, define #framing, #lighting and to #film the interview and #b-roll. A #producer to conduct the interviews and assist with #directing #talent for b-roll, and provide time management. And lastly a second camera/grip, to provide an additional #camera angle for the interviews and assist with set-up and transportation of equipment. In cases where our client requires an even thinner budget, and depending on the details of the shoot, we are comfortable with having only one camera angle and the producer on-set also doubles as a grip. In cases where no interviews are necessary, and only b-roll is required, we will go as far as to only send one camera operator and no producer.

Our goal is not to get the most money we can out of our client’s pockets. Our goal is to create #quality #video #productions. Therefore we suggest to our clients the items which we think are necessary to get the job done, and do it well. We are very flexible though, and depending on a myriad of factors and our client’s requests, we are willing to figure out what the best solution for their production may be and what cost saving measures can be implemented.

Another factor that impacts the way we work is that we always try to work efficiently. As I said above, our grip will also double as a second camera operator. Our producers will double as a grip when needed. We don’t have useless bodies standing around #on-set. Each one of our #crew members is skilled in multiple areas of production and are willing to jump in and assist at a moments notice, which is a great cost saving mechanism.

We find that having a smaller crew is actually beneficial in many scenarios. We all know each other, respect each others opinions, and trust one another to not only get the job done quickly and effectively, but to provide input when it could benefit the production. The crew size also assists in maintaining a minimal level of interruption to whatever facility we are filming in. All of our crew members are exceptionally respectful and experienced, so they know how to get in and out and capture what they need without affecting the organization around them too much.

Our client’s appreciate not only our creativity, flexibility, and ability to work within their budgetary constraints, but they enjoy working with our crew, which is priceless. That is truly what keeps them coming back for more! Check out what some of our clients have to say about us. Contact us today if you need a video and are looking at ways of saving costs for your production.

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