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Scheduling is key to a successful production. It’s no secret that time is money, so the more organized you are the more you’ll save in time…and frustration.

Scheduling your Video Production
Scheduling your Video Production

Here at Keywest, we’re no strangers to the scheduling process– we like to think we run a pretty tight ship over here. This is because we realize that if our pre-production isn’t sound, we’re going to have a huge problem on our hands.

#Scheduling begins in the #PreProduction process. Firstly, if you’re juggling multiple shoots over time, you need to ensure that your scheduling accommodates the amount of footage you want to capture per day… without affecting other shoots. This means you have to correctly assess the production and know exactly what it is you want to capture – interviews? Addresses to camera? Location shots? B-roll? The list goes on. Once you know how much footage you need, you can begin scheduling your days accordingly.

Now, we need to schedule out the days of #Production. Be sure to allocate enough time for setup, which varies from shoot to shoot. Setup is dependent on a variety of factors. You’ll need to determine the nature of shoot, how much lighting you’ll require, how many people are involved, the sound situation, creating a set, backdrops, motion shots, etc. All of these elements will help you determine exactly how long you’ll need for setup. Remember – it’s always a great idea to schedule more time than you’ll need so as to accommodate any potential disasters that may arise. Once you’ve scheduled your setup time, it’s good to plan out how the rest of the day will go. For example, have you got interviews to shoot? How many? How long is each one? Will there be make-up required? Are the interviewees prepared? All of these elements will help you decide how to plan out your shoot days.

Once production is complete, it’s time for #PostProduction scheduling. Almost of our clients here at <href=”https://www.”>Keywest provide us with deadlines and it’s our responsibility to ensure that we provide them with the video they require within a timely manner. Post-production scheduling helps us determine when we’ll receive assets from our clients, when we’ll have recordings completed by, when editing can begin, when reviews can begin, how long reviews will last, and finally… when the finished product can be delivered.

As you can see, there’s a great deal of preparation and organization that goes into video production and scheduling plays a large role in the production process. It’s always helpful to have a dedicated producer on hand to help you through the process and take care of all elements to ensure a smooth production.

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