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Scripted Vs. Non-Scripted: How To Structure Your Corporate Video

One of the main questions we often hear is how to structure a scripted corporate video.

And we don’t blame you. Creating scripted content isn’t easy.

In fact, figuring out what content to include or leave out can be really tough.

When working with clients (both old and new), we try to pinpoint what information is most pertinent to the piece. What helps is first determining the type of corporate video a client needs. For educational or training videos, clients often find themselves directly involved in the creative process for obvious reasons. But for creative advertisements and/or commercials, production companies like us have a bit more legroom.

Scripted Vs. Non-Scripted: How To Structure Your Corporate Video
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The first step is deciphering what kind of video you’d like to create. Next, is narrowing down who your target audience is. Are they more prone to scripted content, or will they understand ad-libbed jargon thrown at them? Will they like sporadic or comedic content? Or does it make more sense to follow traditional corporate video methods? Understanding what sort of content your primary audience consumes on a daily basis is important to understand how they’ll consume your video.

Another thing to consider is your on-camera talent. If you’re using employees or higher-ups from your company, chances are they won’t have a background in acting. Scripted content (and a limited amount at that) might be a much more reasonable option.

Hiring (voice)actors to appear in your corporate video might also be a good idea. Whether your content requires a voiceover actor or on-camera, actors are used to a script that they can rehearse with. In fact, some actors are versed in improvisation more than others. Depending on the nature of your video, certain talents are able to work with content that is semi-scripted. This means that dialogue is mostly improvised and actors are given cues to act out a certain scenario or “situation” in a piece.

Whether your corporate video content is scripted largely depends on nature/tone and the audience you’re going for, and who you’re working with. Here at Key West Video, we’ve done a variety of corporate videos. For more information about our services, visit our website today.

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