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Are Seasonal Corporate Videos A Good Idea For Your Company?

A lot of things can happen over the span of a year. And with seasonal changes, it’s hard to determine what stays and what goes.

As Canadians, we’re more than familiar with seasonal changes. Seasonal sickness. Seasonal clothing stores. Seasonal food. The list goes on.

Are Seasonal Corporate Videos A Good Idea For Your Company?
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But when it comes to corporate content, we’ve noticed that brands also adapt and change with the seasons as well. Depending on your branded content, most companies will have spring and summer campaigns prepared the fall and winter before. If you’re a company whose content depends on the seasons, then a campaign for each time the weather changes might be a good idea.

For department stores, clothing stores, electronics, and even food stores, video campaigns in the spring mean introducing a new line of product. Larger corporations like Wal-Mart or The Disney Store, for example, are likely more able to afford new video ads with each passing season. Depending on your core target audience, family brands usually use soft, natural lighting with paid actors to model clothes in commercials and in-store ads.

In the summer time, most family-oriented ads adjust their marketing campaigns to include more active gear, vacation items, or “outdoorsy” things. For retail companies, this is usually a time when sales (and campaigns) slow down for the season and begin preparing for the fall.

Autumn is an ideal time for video marketing. With North American holidays and events such as kids going back to school, Halloween and Thanksgiving, most families are in a consumerist rush to buy things. For most retail brands, this is an ideal time to introduce special sales pertinent to the changes. It’s also an exciting time to launch a creative (or festive) video campaign about why your company is best suited for a family’s needs. Families are on the hunt for school supplies, costumes, and toys. All a corporate company needs to do is whet their appetite.

With winter brings winter break, Christmas holidays, Boxing Day and the New Year. Unsurprisingly, most video campaigns are directed towards Christmas (specifically Santa Claus) and making an emotional appeal to individuals for their New Year’s Resolutions. Smart brands are able to differentiate themselves from others by offering special video campaigns for all occasions – because we all know none of us care about Christmas the moment Boxing Day hits.

No matter what kind of brand you are or what your target audience is, companies would benefit from keeping in mind how much their audience consumes, what items are selling, and what their consumer habits are in order to best reach and market to them.

Here at Key West Video, we make corporate brand video content for all seasons. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today.

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