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The Second a Day fundraising campaign by the relief organization Save the Children includes this striking video depicting a crisis like the one in Syria happening in England in an effort to raise money for Syrian child refugees.

The video tells the story of a year in the life of a typical English girl in a series of one-second “days,” a format popularized by parents filming their children. But this year brings conflict, war, famine, and flight to a family much like the ones Save the Children is targeting in its fundraising pitch.

The Second a Day video starts with a child celebrating her birthday and follows her moment by moment as war and conflict develops in the UK. The hard hitting clip shows London being turned into a war zone where rockets are fired at buildings in broad daylight and children wear gas masks. The powerful video ends with a moving shot of the young girl celebrating her birthday once again, but instead of being surrounded by family and friends in a happy scenario as the clip begun she is in a war shelter crying next to her mother.

Second a Day - Save the Children
Second a Day – Save the Children

The video was produced by Save the Children to highlight the Syria crisis and how such a scenario could affect Britain. After the video finishes the message appears: “Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.” The clip was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday with the title ‘Most Shocking Second a Day Video’ and received more than 700,000 hits. The video has been commented on by almost 1,000 people with users saying how moved they were by the Save the Children video.

As it stands, the video has amassed more than 12.5 million YouTube views and generated buzz across the web for its cause.

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