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In-person auditions have become obsolete with COVID-19, leading many actors to master the art of the self-tape. Self-Tapes force actors to take on the role of filming, lighting and sometimes directing. We’ve put together a few tips to make sure you have a great self-tape.

Get a Good Reader

Having a good reader is really important for your self-tape. This person, though off-camera, is heard and can be distracting. A great reader allows you, as the actor, to focus on giving your best performance.

Framing your Self Tape

When you film your self tape it’s important to ensure that you’re framing it correctly. Too much headroom just shows whoever watches, that there was so much more space for your face to fill. Casting directors and show runners watch the self tapes to see your face, so make sure your face is actually in it.


No one likes a dark video. Lighting is especially important to ensure that all parts of your face are visible. If you have too many shadows this can take away from your self tape and make it distracting for the viewer.

The Slate

Slates will introduce you to the casting director and show runners. Slates also provide you with an opportunity to show these individuals that you can follow instructions. Slate separately and edit it together in post production afterwords. Slating is really important and keeps the head honchos organized so make sure you’re giving it as much importance as your actual audition.

Review It

Don’t send off a tape until you review it. Direct your self and see what needs to be changed? Could you do something differently? Do you look your best? Is your reader too loud or too quiet? Pay attention to all of these things when you review your tape and don’t send it off until it meets the standards.

Auditioning can be overwhelming and frustrating especially when you would rather focus on your lines than the lighting and framing. That’s why you can contact Key West Video and we’d be happy to handle the tape for you, so all you have to do is bring your acting A- Game.

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