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SEO business can affect bottom line

If you have a business, chances are good that you also have a website. A strong online presence is one of the best ways in a digitally-enabled world to share information with your customers. However, your website isn’t worth much if potential customers can’t find it.  SEO business is the key to being found.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process used to make your website more visible to search engines. This, in turn, makes your website rank higher in searches. For example, when someone searches “corporate video production Toronto”, Key West Video shows up as one of the top hits. Now a potential customer has the chance to visit the website we’ve spent so much time crafting.

One note about what SEO is not. SEO is different from paid ads; its traffic is derived from the free, organic, editorial, or natural search results on search engines. The best-known search engine is Google. Other search engines include Bing and Yahoo.

Search Engines and Website Rankings

Rankings are based on what search engines consider most relevant to users. Engines collect information about every page on the web and algorithms turn the data into useful search results. The pages that are considered the most relevant and authoritative, in relation to user searches, are ranked highest. Which begs the question, how do I make my site rank higher?

Boosting your SEO Business

When you think about SEO, consider your business and the customer. For Key West Video, our customers are searching words like “corporate video”, “Toronto”, and “video production”. If we post a blog that has those words in the SEO title and in the blog itself, we’re on the right track. Our ranking will also be affected by links. If another site links to our blog, our ranking can increase. Further, if we keep posting fresh, engaging content that generates more links, our ranking continues to rise.

SEO Business and Your Future

If you’re reading this blog, you might have searched “SEO” or another of the prevalent terms in this article. You found what you were looking for and you helped prove that SEO is an important part of doing business. If you want to capitalize on SEO, get in touch with Key West Video and learn how we can help enrich your website content.

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