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We hear the word “content” a lot in business, but what exactly is content? In the simplest terms, it’s information. In business terms, it’s how customers learn about a brand. This message can come in many forms and can help, instruct, or entertain and is relevant to a product or service AND its audience. Content is designed to be consumed and should provide something of value to the person consuming it. The goal is to get as many eyeballs as possible on this branding, which is why shareable content is so important.

Shareable Content Examples

When it comes to delivering a message to your target market, there are all sorts of ways to speak to them. Here are some ideas for shareable content:

Quiz button on keyboard
Quizzes are highly shareable content

What Do People Share?

Think of the last piece of content you shared. Content that is useful, entertaining, or inspiring is shared the most. That’s because the person who shared it has found the benefit in it, and that’s the key. Shareable content needs to have value. Creating trustworthy content that references other sources will help build your reputation as a knowledgeable resource in your field. But value also comes from entertainment, so shareable content could be simply a funny branded video. People are also more likely to share something that stirs a reaction.

Making Content More Shareable

Give your content the best chance of being shared by making it more shareable with these tips.

  • Add highly visible share buttons, making it as easy as possible for people to share your content.
  • Put your content everywhere! Our new blog posts are promoted on our social media accounts, directing people back to our website.
  • Follow best practices for whatever kind of content you’re creating.
  • Provide value. Give people good info, make them laugh, answer questions, etc.
  • Give an incentive for sharing. Can you offer a download, coupon, or other motivation?
  • Understand your audience and cater to their interests. If they’re interested, they’ll likely know someone else who would also benefit from your content.
  • Tell a story: have a beginning, middle, and end. A good story compels people to interact and share.

Advantages of Shareable Content

Shares increase brand recognition through content

Obviously, if your content is being shared, you’re reaching more people. And if people are sharing your content, they’re enacting social proof. This leads to greater trust with consumers and better brand recognition. Bonus: if your shareable content is linked to from somewhere else on the web, you get boosted domain authority.

Don’t Forget the CTA!

If someone takes the time to consume your content, you want to let them know what to do next. Be sure to include a CTA. Tell the viewer where to find more information, how to download an ebook, or easy ways to contact your business. Then provide a clickable link that takes them there.

Share Your Content

Making great content is only half the battle; the other half is getting it seen. Creating shareable content increases your chances of spreading the word about your brand and building your business reputation. So generate some content, then follow through with actions that result in the greatest exposure.

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