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Are corporate video shoot permits necessary?

When do you need shoot permits for a corporate video? It’s a good question, and the answer has many contributing factors.

Shoot permits have a purpose beyond holding up productions and generating city revenue. Really! Permits ensure a shoot doesn’t interfere with the daily lives of citizens, and they’re also about safety. So, when do you need one?

Shoot Permits – When do I Need One?

The default answer is always. A shooting permit is required unless you’re shooting current affairs or newscast footage. However, that information shouldn’t be discouraging. In Toronto, film permits (which include video) get distributed by the Toronto Film, Television, and Digital Media Office. Most can take two to three days to secure, so be prepared ahead of time. Also, note that shooting in some public places will carry a cost. Finally, there are sometimes restrictions on hours, parking, zones, and other specifics related to your shoot location. A local film permit office should have relevant information on their website or can answer questions directly.

shoot permits for corporate video
Avoid fines and problems with proper permits

Location, Location, Location

If you shoot at a private residence or place of business, the city isn’t involved with shoot permits. However, you may need to have a location release signed by the owner. Once again, some location-specific rules may apply. Does the public have access to the building, or are you recording anyone who isn’t knowingly part of the video? By law, you don’t need people in the background of a public place to sign a release. However, if a person is prominent in a shot, you may want to have them sign a release.

Your Place, or Mine?

If you use the facilities of a production company, shoot permits aren’t an issue. At Key West Video, our studio can handle video, photography, green screen, and other backdrops. We have space all set up and ready to go! Whether you choose a remote location and let us secure the permits, or you come to our house, we know you’ll be happy with the results. Call us today for a quote and let’s get shooting!

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