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Shoppable Video

Online shopping is nothing new, but the format is evolving. Retailers want to make money, and consumers want to spend. Shoppable video is closing the gap between the two, making it easier than ever to buy what you see.

What is Shoppable Video?

Shoppable videos allow you to engage with the video you’re watching directly. This interactive element adds hotspots to video, which means you can click on what you see. Doing so will give you more information on the product, including how to purchase the item that caught your attention.

Shoppable video
Create a direct link between consumer and retailer

Shoppable video is a mix of storytelling and marketing, each contributing to the overall branding. Instead of just seeing a jacket, you see someone wearing the jacket in a scene. Some marketers feel this type of video humanizes brands. It’s more relatable than seeing clothes on a mannequin or solely on a white background.

Who’s Using It?

shoppable video
Levi’s used video to promote holiday wear in 2017


Everyone! From clothing retailers to cities. And it’s showing up on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and company websites. This kind of video enables a direct link from retailers to consumers who are ready to buy.

Retailers are using shoppable videos by talking directly to their target market. By shrinking the gap between conversion and purchase, the consumer has a better experience, and so does the retailer. The viewer sees a hat they like and clicks to purchase. The retailer takes advantage of that impulse moment and offers up their wares. It’s a simple and winning formula.

Shoppable Video Examples


Covergirl featuring Zendaya


Shoppable Portland

Consumer Connection

Shoppable video isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking for a direct connection with consumers, we can certainly help.  Call Key West Video today for a free quote.

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