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Short Videos Deliver

Before you click play online, do you look at the runtime for a video? If so, you’re not alone. We lead busy lives full of distractions, giving us commitment issues when it comes to online video. Luckily, you can pack a lot of info into less lengthy videos, capturing the attention of even the most preoccupied viewer.


Audiences want to consume video quickly and easily while on the move. It’s one of the reasons snackable content has become so popular. Take advantage of this trend and cater to viewers with slimmed-down content for short attention spans.

Short Videos Deliver
Viewers are hungry for snackable content

Focus on a single subject or idea and put it out there in short order. Covering a news item, a rundown list or a special offer doesn’t have to take much time. The trick is to keep the message direct, short and clear.

What works well with Short Videos

Certain kinds of videos lend themselves to short-form content. Think of these videos as a kind of hit-and-run. Give your audience enough information to be useful without overwhelming them. A simple DIY video or a product demonstration is ideal short-form content.

Short Videos Deliver
DIY videos make great quick content

Other quicks hits that deliver include a product reveal, a look behind-the-scenes or a quick product tutorial. Your goal is to create an impression with your audience. A product reveal could generate excitement and compel a viewer to head to your website. A sneak peek creates an intimate connection with the audience and helps build your brand. Product tutorials leave the viewer with practical information they’ll remember.

Make it timely & get creative

A short video is a good opportunity to experiment with different looks and unique approaches. Try using humour or create a video in black-and-white. Throw some ideas out there and see what gets a response.

Cut away the fat and reduce your message to its simplest form. If you find you’re still pressed for time, speed things up! The thing about this type of content is that you can’t watch just one. If you create a series of them, viewers are likely to binge on them.

Another way to tackle the video is to showcase an event or holiday. Be timely by referencing the latest trend or make a pumpkin carving guide in October. See how many tricks you pick up in just over a minute with this video.

Views, Likes, Shares

Videos that run between thirty seconds and one minute get the most shares. The average length of a view on Facebook is a mere eighteen seconds. Since your video is fighting with myriad distractions, don’t waste time getting to the point. Content that is quick is that they are also more likely to rack up complete views. If people like what they see, make sure to include a link to your website where they can learn more.

Small Videos, Big Ideas

Key West Video specializes in impactful content of all sizes. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can get your business noticed in short order.

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