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Skype and the Future Of Video Bots Starts Now!

Video Bots Are Here! When Skype first rolled out in 2003, it changed the way we communicated with others. Flash forward to 2016, and Skype has introduced the world to video bots, Skype has set the bar for yet another phenomenon.

“Skype bots” allow their users to interact with characters in live video chat. Created by artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D rendering, Skype Video Bots make for a more interactive experience in which users can speak directly to “bot” characters.

Much like Siri, the bot uses AI to comprehend the requests from its video callers. Skype announced that bots eventually will be customizable to a user’s preference.

Microsoft, who owns Skype, also recently announced its decision to roll out bots to different areas of its software.

So how do Skype bots differ from other AI systems like Siri, you say?

Well, one obvious difference is that Skype bots are visual and audible, unlike the restricted Siri voice operating system. The bots work responsively and are able to make changes based on users’ requests. Siri tends to work as a “search” function to answer questions, where rather Skype bots can fulfill demands and hold conversations.

Skype users have spread to hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The video sensation has taken the Skype world by storm. Bots will be able to do anything once in a live chat from building online worlds to acting out commands to doing your online shopping.

For Skype business, this is especially helpful. It gives users options on how they might be able to try out a service or product. Moving vice versa, Skype bots can also be used practically by companies. The new feature makes it easier to get day-to-day regular activities completed, such as making online orders, booking vacation times or scheduling meetings.

Here at Key West Video, we like to stay on top of companies looking for the newest and most technologically advanced products or services. While we can’t say if we’ll ever be recreating bots for live video chat, we do offer services aligned with forward-thinking corporate companies. For more, check us out and contact us for a quote today!

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