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This short promo video from 2013 still applies to Key West Video today. Although we create videos for large corporations, we’ve always had a soft spot when it comes to working with a small business and their owners. Maybe that’s because we’re a small business, too. Our team knows how to produce effective videos that fit your budget and are a solid return on your investment. As always, we’re big on the little details that make a difference and we pride ourselves on being flexible.

The Next Generation

A few things have changed since 2013. Key West Video has grown and our current portfolio has an even longer list of diverse clients. Have a look at the demo reel we’re using these days. In this version, we showcase shots from a wide variety of past projects. We think most businesses will find something to relate to and we’ve even incorporated logos to help the viewer follow along. From live-action to animation to drone shots, we’re showing off our skills and capabilities. All this allows us to communicate our services to an audience. And because the reel was cut to music only, viewers get a sense of our work even without sound.

We’re Not Just Producers, We’re Also Clients

As a small business, we use our own services to promote our services. Not only do we have a general demo reel, but we’re also working on individual reels that show our work in specific sectors. For example, we’ll have demos that showcase projects we’ve done in the health care, financial, and real estate industries. This is how we speak to target markets. If you can recognize your business in one of our videos, you gain confidence in our experience. We’re also working on a new general promotion that uses a weightlifting metaphor to promote Key West Video.

Growing Your Small Business with Video

Our experience working with small businesses means we understand what matters most to those clients. You want to promote your business, establish or reinforce your reputation, encourage new and repeat customers, and get a good ROI. We know how to use video to grow a small business. Have a look at the short piece below. It’s some pretty solid small business advice with a focus on measurement. While you’re watching, keep in mind that you can measure the success of your video using metrics.

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Owning a small business is full of challenges. One of the biggest issues can be marketing. You know your business better than anyone, but do you have the time or the budget to use that knowledge for promotion? That’s where we come in. With your guidance, Key West Video enables you to take advantage of video as a marketing tool in an effective and affordable way. Call us today to discuss how to use video for your small business.

This blog was originally posted in 2013 and has been updated for accuracy.

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