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Why A Corporate Video Is Essential For Small Businesses

Of all the types of clients we work with, small businesses are one of our favourites.

Small businesses, as opposed to larger corporations or individual clients, have what a lot of other types of clients don’t: freshness.

Why A Corporate Video Is Essential For Small Businesses
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By this, we mean that small businesses often slip under the radar when it comes to video advertising and marketing. They typically don’t have the large-scale budgets of a major corporation or Fortune 500 company. They also differ from individual clients (like music artists, for example) looking for more creative video work.

More often than not, they slip under the radar.

But for corporate videos like Key West,  working with small businesses is advantageous to not only us but to the company, as well. They often have a fresh or blank canvas to paint creative video ideas. They more than likely haven’t run a video ad campaign online. They’re also extremely fun to work with.

Small businesses give companies like us the chance to work collaboratively in order to best communicate a message, promote a service, or market a campaign.

Here are some of the specific benefits of corporate video for small businesses and brands:

1. Creative Promotion

Corporate video (or video in general) allows for smaller businesses and brands to explore promotion options creatively. A video can benefit a small business by showing its customers that it is serious about their brand, service, or product. It means that a small business is somewhat tech-savvy and able to create content for their target demographic. It also means that the small business has the potential to be shared on social media, which is a huge benefit for a lesser-known company or business.

2. Customer Connection

A corporate video is also an added benefit for showing a business’ brand behind-the-scenes. If you are first venturing into corporate video marketing, chances are you’re stepping into new advertising territory. You’ve got to make a solid, lasting impression with that initial contact with your audience. A corporate video allows you to show your customers what you’re all about.

3. Investment

A corporate video is also an added benefit for smaller businesses who want to show just how serious they are about branding. A company or business that cares about how it is represented sends the message to customers that it is serious about their product or service, too. It gives a small business an edge over its competition who may not have the budget or want to spend the cash on a corporate video. By investing in a visual marketing medium, you have the opportunity to both show and tell your customers why you’re the best ones for the job.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in working with all sorts of clients, especially small businesses. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website or contact us for a quote today!

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